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Elizabeth Janine Louise Neveux

Elizabeth Janine Louise Neveux

We recently spoke with Elizabeth who has a lovely little art shop on the 3rd floor. Elisabeth is originally from Picardie which is in the North of France, she followed her heart, that led her to Manchester.

Elisabeth, tell us about The Fox Fairy: The Fox Fairy is a shop which sells items created by over 2o various artists. All of the items are hand made, produced locally, eco friendly and made with love. The Fox Fairy likes to offer items that will make people smile. Items range from artwork, art prints, jewellery, accessories, cards, clothes, homewares, art materials, stationary and soon we are to introduce a comic book corner. 

Why did you choose Afflecks as home to your business?  Afflecks is a place that is very different to the High Street and attracts visitors from all over the world. Shoppers come to Afflecks to find something unique that they will not see mass produced. The retailers within Afflecks like to support one another and there is a real sense of community. I love to wander around Afflecks and see all the exciting and unique products that the other businesses are selling.

Who inspires you? Alan Lee is the person that inspires me the most, Alan was one of the main illustrators for The Lord of The Rings movies and also illustrated on a number of other exciting films and has been successful in getting a lot of his work published. I am also very much influenced and inspired by the artist Wraptious due to his business ethic and hard work. Art work by Wraptious can be found in The Fox Fairy and is popular with shoppers.

When you are not working hard in The Fox Fairy what do you like to do in your spare time? I love to bake, my favorite dishes are a white chocolate melt made with green tea! and a peach pie. I also do a lot of reading, I enjoy murder mystery, fantasy and comics. I like to go hiking and foraging and my dream would be to go hiking the mountains of Japan.  

What would do if you won the lotto? I would definitely expand The Fox Fairy and then treat myself to a fabulous Tree House where I would live!



Be sure to visit The Fox Fairy on the 3rd Floor in Afflecks where Elizabeth will greet you with a lovely smile and will be more than happy to tell you about all the beautiful creations available within her shop.